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Why Appeal?

The appeals process allows someone who has been convicted of a crime a second chance at justice. Mistakes occur in the justice process and these affect the outcome of the case. If legal errors are made by attorneys and other court personnel or misconduct occurs among jurors, the case can definitely take a detrimental turn and you can wind up with an unmerited conviction. Appeals laws protect the rights of the defendants and seek to provide a way to correct an imperfect system. The appellate court is above the court of your first trial in the justice hierarchy and can overturn its findings.

This is a very specialized area of law and only an experienced Yuma criminal defense lawyer can successfully negotiate the tricky process of an appeals case.

Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. is very familiar with appellate court proceedings and the appeals process. After conducting a thorough review of your case and the proceedings of the first trial, we prepare a written statement for the appeals court that points out any legal errors that occurred during your first trial, any juror misconduct, and any evidence that should have been deemed inadmissible. A well-written and convincing report is essential to gaining a favorable outcome at the appellate level.

Experienced Yuma Appeals Lawyer

No matter what crime you have been convicted of, you deserve justice. Your case may be simple or complex but it is our job to evaluate it for errors or misconduct and ensure that you are properly represented at every level of the system. You can count on us to know the proper steps to take and to follow the very specific rules that govern the appeals process. We can protect your rights, no matter your circumstances, and help your appeal be successful.

Contact a Yuma Appeals Attorney for aggressive representation if you have been convicted of a crime and feel that justice was not served.

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