Assault & Battery

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What is Assault & Battery?

Assault is a crime of violence that is defined as the threat of violence accompanied by a show of force. It can be physical, verbal or sexual in nature. Battery refers to the actual unlawful physical contact. If you threaten a person by yelling at him, you are committing assault. If you then hit the person with your fist, you have also committed battery. If you use a weapon or cause extensive injuries, the crime is called aggravated assault. Most assault & battery crimes are classified as felonies due to the extreme harm done to the victim.

If you have been charged with physical assault, verbal assault, or sexual assault, it is imperative that you retain an experienced Yuma criminal defense lawyer.

Assault charges are vigorously prosecuted. Victims of assault and battery suffer physical and emotional damage and have the extreme sympathy of the prosecution and the court. To combat these charges, Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. will prepare a solid defense and aggressively challenge the prosecution’s evidence. We can significantly increase your chances of overcoming these charges and avoiding the harsh consequences of a felony conviction.

Experienced Yuma Assault & Battery Lawyer

You have rights that need to be protected the moment you are arrested on an assault charge. Any statements you make or information otherwise gathered by law enforcement personnel can be used against you. You may be in a highly charged emotional state and unaware of what you are saying. When you think that statements made in the heat of the moment can result in 25 years in prison, you understand why you have a right to remain silent.

We understand your rights and value your freedom as much as you do. Let our firm be your ally in the fight to preserve your rights and retain your freedom. Call us today.

Contact a Yuma Assault & Battery Attorney for aggressive representation if you have been charged with assault or assault and battery.

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