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The State of Arizona has particularly harsh penalties for drug offenses, and extensive law enforcement resources are focused on identifying and arresting those who are in possession of drugs or selling illegal substances.

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As our state is considered a “gateway” state in which drugs enter the country over the border with Mexico, we have many task forces, both state and federal, committed to stopping the influx of illegal drugs into the society. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime, whether possession, possession with intent, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking, this is the beginning of what can prove to be a real legal nightmare.

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The criminal justice system comes down hard on those who are selling drugs; even a minor possession charge will severely impact your future. The penalties imposed upon those who are convicted can include years in state or federal prison. It is crucial that you act quickly in contacting a Yuma criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for a drug crime, even a minor possession charge.

Drug Cases We Handle

Fighting for your freedom is vital in a drug crime case. If you are convicted of being in possession of even a very small amount of certain drugs, you will be charged with a felony offense. A felony conviction has terrible long term ramifications, such as loss of rights, inability to get a job, and being restricted from holding certain types of employment or professional licenses. This is above and beyond the total destruction of your professional reputation. It is vital that you contact our firm immediately if you have been arrested and charged with any drug crime in the Yuma area. Our legal team will immediately make the first move for your defense.

The drug cases we handle include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you are under investigation for any drug offense, do not engage in answering questions with law enforcement; it is almost certain that you will be arrested within a short period of time, and your answers will be used against you. The skill of your defense attorney in drug offenses cannot be underestimated; the outcome of the case is heavily influenced by the actions taken by your defense lawyer. Call immediately after your arrest, our legal team stands ready to fight for you.

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