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The drug known as Ecstasy is a manufactured chemical compound whose abbreviated name is MDMA. It is a Schedule I narcotic, making its possession one of the most heavily penalized drug crimes in this country. It is considered dangerous due to its widespread use and its significant dangers when used indiscriminately. Since Ecstasy is considered a dangerous drug, if you have been arrested for possessing it, it is likely that you will be or have been charged with possession, sale, transportation, and/or possession for sale of a dangerous drug. These are very serious charges and need the most skilled Ecstasy defense possible. If you or someone you know has been charged with possession, distribution or sale of Ecstasy, you need the services of an aggressive Yuma criminal defense lawyer who can handle your case in such a way as to maximize your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome.

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Yuma Ecstasy Drug Charges

The type of Ecstasy drug charge is dependent on several factors. When the amount of drug in your possession exceeds a certain threshold, the crime becomes a federal offense with quite serious consequences. Another key factor is whether or not the evidence included indicators of intent to sell or distribute. If there were separate baggies or containers or the drug, it would indicate that these portions were meant to be sold.

In the arrest process and in the search for evidence against you, police investigators can break laws that protect your constitutional rights. If evidence is illegally obtained or your rights were otherwise violated, police conduct can be challenged and such evidence can be suppressed. This can lead to a dismissal of charges against you. Our team knows the law and understands how to use it to your advantage.

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