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Charged with Manufacturing in Yuma?

Law enforcement in Yuma area is constantly looking out for those who are manufacturing meth for the purpose of sale. They use a variety of methods to identify those they consider are committing this crime, and when arrested, this is the beginning of a very serious legal situation. The increase in use of methamphetamine has lawmakers increasing penalties, and if you are convicted of this offense, it is likely that you will be spending several years in state prison. The maximum sentence is often 10 years in prison, but this can be increased up to 5 years under certain circumstances.

An individual who owned the property is also at risk in such cases, as it may be that it is considered that the owner of the property was aware that the illegal activity was taking place. If children lived in the house, child endangerment charges are often added. Environmental offenses may also be added to the list of charges faced by the accused.

This is a serious criminal offense, and if you have been arrested and charged with the crime, it is an urgent matter that you get immediate legal representation from Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C.

Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney in Yuma

In many such cases, the situation is so serious that immediate action must be taken. It is vital that you do not answer any questions until your attorney from our firm arrives to protect your rights. Many frightened individuals have engaged in answering questions and later regretted doing so, as they damaged their own defense case. We will advise you and guide you through the process, from the arraignment through to trial. In every case, we thoroughly evaluate the evidence against our client, seeking out the errors in police or arrest procedure, whether violations of rights or any other error to exploit in the defense of our client. It is important to immediately contact our firm if you have been arrested for this crime, or are aware that you will be shortly. Act quickly as seeking a strong defense case is vital, and it should be initiated at once.

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