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PCP Crimes

PCP is a dangerous narcotic that is known for causing unpredictable behavior and producing severe side effects. Possibly its most common street name is Angel Dust, but it is also known under a variety of different names. Categorized with Ecstasy and LSD, PCP crimes are considered very serious criminal offenses. Charges for possession of PCP have severe penalties including lengthy prison terms. To combat these charges you need a skilled Yuma criminal defense lawyer to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.

The legal team at Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. can investigate the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence gathered and determine the best strategy to follow so that you get the best resolution possible.

Our firm has gained invaluable experience through dealing with many cases of PCP possession, PCP sales, PCP trafficking, and PCP distribution. We are the experts when it comes to understanding the laws that pertain to arrests on PCP drug charges and how to manage these charges to the most favorable outcome for our clients.

PCP Lawyers in Yuma

When charged with a PCP drug crime, you need to act swiftly to retain the type of counsel who will give you an aggressive defense. Procrastination just gives the prosecution more time to build a case against you. Since mere possession of PCP carries a mandatory prison sentence regardless of the amount, your life is actually at stake. An experienced attorney can weaken the prosecution’s defense and turn the tables, developing your case against the government. You do have rights under the law. Our firm will fight diligently and tirelessly to ensure that those rights are protected and work on your behalf to prevent the harsh penalties that are permitted if you are convicted of a PCP crime.

Do not risk the very real possibility of being convicted of a drug charge related to PCP by facing your charges without representation. Our skilled attorneys will fight for you and get you the most positive results possible.

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