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Yuma Possession with Intent to Distribute Defense Lawyer

Charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute in Yuma?

When law enforcement in the Yuma area considers that you are in possession of large enough quantity of an illegal substance, they will infer that you planned on engaging in distributing the substance, whether marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, meth , prescription medication or other drug. Charges of possession with intent are very serious, and if convicted could result in time spent in state prison as part of the penalty for this felony charge. If you have been arrested and charged with such an offense, it is a critical situation that demands the immediate assistance of a Yuma criminal defense attorney to get into action for your defense.

At Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. we have extensive knowledge and experience in drug crime cases and will advise you the best course of action for your defense.

Possession with Intent to Distribute Defense Attorney in Yuma

When the criminal justice system moves forward on drug charges, the risks to the accused individual are extreme. Time spent in state prison is not an uncommon result in a conviction, and the danger to your future cannot be underestimated. Fast action by your defense attorney from the outset is an urgent matter; some cases result in a dismissed charge when our legal team has the opportunity to quickly review the evidence against our client before they are arraigned on the charge.

Overzealous law enforcement has been known to cut corners on procedure and violate the rights of the arrested, such as illegal search and seizure or failing to have probable cause to stop or arrest the accused person. If any violation of our client’s constitutional rights is determined to have occurred, there will be immediate action taken to get the illegally obtained evidence suppressed. It is shocking to discover just how many cases have strong defense possibilities – and yet some individuals just plead guilty, never realizing that they may have been able to have their charges dismissed or get a not guilty verdict had they had professional and aggressive legal representation from our firm. Never discuss your case, make a plea or attend a hearing in front of a judge without our attorney there to fight for you.

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