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Being charged with prescription fraud in Arizona is not a light matter. Possession of any controlled substance no matter how small an amount (even a couple of pills) without a legitimate prescription is a felony. If you find yourself facing these charges, or other prescription drug no matter how innocent you are, do not try making explanations to police officers or prosecutors. Their purpose is to get evidence of guilt. You need the help of a respected Yuma criminal defense attorney.

Our firm understands the serious consequences you are facing and has decades of expertise on which to draw in devising your defense.

Prescription Fraud Lawyer in Yuma

In this state prescription fraud includes misrepresentation to unlawfully obtain prescription drugs, counterfeiting, or forgery (stealing, altering, or creating counterfeit blank prescription slips) either for personal use or to sell or distribute the drugs to others. Health care professionals such as medical assistants, nurses, doctors and others may also find themselves charged with these crimes or for unlawfully administering or prescribing drugs. Serious charges such as these require the skilled legal representation of a prescription fraud lawyer who has successfully defended individuals throughout the state of Arizona.

Conviction not only carries the possibility of hefty prison sentences and fines, but can also affect the rest of your life. Employers often will not hire an individual convicted of a prescription drug crime. A knowledgeable Yuma Prescription fraud attorney with our firm has a thorough understanding of the state and federal court systems. Our firm has a reputation amongst Arizona prosecutors for thorough investigation of the cases against our clients and an ability to pinpoint the flaws in the prosecution’s case. Call Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. to discuss your case. The initial consultation is free.

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