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Charged with Trafficking in Yuma?

Law enforcement is interested in arrested and charging any individual that they believe is selling drugs in the Yuma area, no matter the amount or type of drug in question. Narcotics task forces are focused on the illegal sale of controlled substances, whether marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, meth or prescription drugs with the belief that getting those who traffic off the streets will reduce the amount of illegal drugs being used in the community. The penalties are extremely harsh for any trafficking charge and include time spent in state prison.

If convicted, when you finish serving time, you will be a “convicted felon” — with all the problems and difficulties that are part of that title. You will be unable to get certain types of jobs, hold certain licenses, and it can be difficult even to get a job. Any background check will reveal the felony conviction, and most individuals in this position suffer difficulties in their lives that continue for years. If you have been arrested and charged with trafficking, it is critical that you retain legal counsel from a Yuma criminal defense lawyer at once.

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Trafficking Defense Lawyer in Yuma

For the arrest to be made it indicates that it is determined by the District Attorney that there is enough evidence to convict; the prosecutor will have the support of law enforcement and state labs to provide the evidence in your case. With these odds, it is vital that you have an equally dedicated and powerful defense lawyer fighting for you. At our firm, we have access to outstanding resources to back up our side of the case and to aggressively content the evidence brought to the case. There are frequently strong defense possibilities that must be discovered and exploited in pursuing a good outcome of the case. Fast action in contacting a defense lawyer from our firm is vital, particularly prior to any interviews or discussions with law enforcement, or any court appearance. We are prepared to aggressive defend our clients charged with trafficking, and have an aggressive approach and a full determination to fight every step of the way for our client.

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