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Charged with an Internet Sex Crime?

There is a massive increase in police activity with regard to crimes committed through the use of the internet. As this form of communication increases, there are more task forces, both state and federal, who are focused on identifying those who are using the internet for illegal activities. The activities are often related to sex crimes, such as possession of child pornography, or distribution of the material. Other crimes may include soliciting a minor in attempting to engage them in sexual activity, such as has been so widely publicized on television. Any of these situations are a serious legal problem, and retaining legal counsel from a Yuma criminal defense lawyer is an urgent matter.

If convicted your criminal record will forever reflect your conviction, leading to injuring your employment prospects in the future.

Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Defending internet sex crimes may involve taking advantage of one of our nationally recognized experts in computer forensics to prove others may have had access to your computer, or how data can be planted by vicious hackers or other who are hoping to damage your reputation. Each case must be fully evaluated to determine the best course of action in the case. You can be certain that we will pursue any possible defense option and fight for your future freedom and a “not guilty” verdict or dismissed charge.

We have decades of combined experience in the defense of all types of sex crime cases, and understand fully how important the outcome is to our client. We take an aggressive, proactive approach in any such case. The details will be fully analyzed and a strong defense strategy worked out to fight to reduce the potential damage to your personal and professional life.

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