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There are few more frightening legal problems than being accused of a sexual offense. The public at large find these crimes particularly heinous and even being accused of such an offense can lead to an irreparably damaged personal and professional reputation. Unfortunately, in many cases there was no actual molestation; the individual is completely innocent. These cases are frequently the result of a bitter relationship problem, divorce, or custody dispute.

When accused of the crime, you are now faced with defending yourself and fighting your way through the criminal justice system under the worst possible circumstances.

It is absolutely vital that you contact a Yuma criminal defense lawyer from Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. at once if you have been charged with the sex crime of molestation.

Sexual Molestation Defense in Yuma: Experienced and Aggressive Legal Team

Our legal team has decades of experience in defending clients facing serious sex crime charges, and is prepared to discuss your case and how the defense could proceed. The outcome of the case is so important, as if you are convicted you will be required to register as a sex offender, and will face the rest of your life as a convicted felon. In many instances, even children have been influenced by another parent or psychologist or psychiatrist to claim that they have been molested, making the case very difficult for the accused.

We are very familiar with all the different types of situations that can lead to charges of molestation, and are proud of our service to our clients in fighting to defend them in court, and aggressively seeking a favorable case outcome. We have a former Superior Court judge as part of our legal team, and have deep insight into the legal process and how to navigate within it for the benefit of our accused clients. Moving quickly in any molestation case is vital; do not discuss the circumstances or anything about the case until your attorney arrives to protect your rights.

Contact a Yuma Molestation Defense Attorney at once if you have been charged with molestation.

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