Sex with a Minor

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Have you been charged with having sex with a minor in Yuma?

When accused of a sexual offense involving a minor, the criminal justice system comes down harshly. From the moment of the arrest, you are at serious risk of facing a life as a convicted sex offender, and spending time in state prison as part of your punishment. Seeking the assistance of an experienced Yuma criminal defense lawyer that has a proven history in defending sex crimes is critical.

At Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C., our legal team has focused on defending sex crime offenses and has a proven history of success in defending clients charged with Sex with a Minor.

Sex Crime Defense: Sex a with Minor Charges in Yuma

The circumstances surrounding such charges vary widely, and in some terrible and frightening cases, false accusations have led to the arrest. Some individuals have been known to make accusations that destroy the personal and professional reputations and lives of innocent individuals. Being innocent is not enough; if you have been arrested and charged you must defend yourself in court. How the defense is approached is a critical matter, as a committed prosecutor could get you convicted – even when you are innocent or there are other aspects to the case that would mitigate the charges.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your charges, it is vital that you have the powerful legal support so vital when facing felony sex crime charges. Our firm has extensive experience and a long term history of defending clients who have been accused of serious sex crimes. We strongly advise that you contact our firm at once if you have been arrested for this offense. Don’t discuss the case with anyone, including police, other inmates, friends or relatives until you have the support of our attorney who can protect your rights throughout the process.

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