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Charged with Solicitation in Yuma?

Few circumstances are more embarrassing than being arrested and charged with solicitation. This offense can destroy your marriage, your personal reputation and your professional standing in the community.

It is vital that you take immediate action to defend yourself in such cases, and the legal team at Dwane Cates Law Group, P.L.L.C. is extremely experienced in defending clients facing this charge.

The first most urgent action is to contact our office prior to answering questions from law enforcement or investigators. Politely decline to answer until your attorney is present as it is vital that the interrogation takes place with your attorney there to defend your rights from the outset of the case.

Solicitation Defense Lawyer in Yuma

When facing these humiliating charges, every effort must be made to have the charges dismissed at once. The approach to the case will include a review of the circumstances surrounding the arrest, and what actions were taken by law enforcement. In countless cases in the past, overzealous law enforcement have been found to have violated the rights of the client, whether in failing to have probable cause for the arrest, failing to read the individual their rights, or other error that can lead to a suppression of the evidence, and a dismissed charge.

Other cases skillfully negotiated by our attorney can result in a lesser charge that won’t create a disturbance in your family life or effect your reputation in the community and your work environment. It is crucial that you contact our firm as quickly as possible after the arrest and prior to any court hearing on the charge. We will immediately initiate actions for your defense and fight for a favorable outcome for you from the moment of your arrest.

Contact a Yuma Solicitation Defense Lawyer from our firm at once if you have been charged with this crime.

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