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Murder vs. Manslaughter

Murder and manslaughter are two forms of homicide charges that are differentiated by the presence of intent to kill, called malice aforethought. Murder is the unlawful killing of another with malice aforethought. The charge of manslaughter is made when there is no evidence of any intent to kill, as in cases of accidental death. Manslaughter sentences can include lengthy prison terms – up to 25 years. Murder is considered the worst crime that can be committed and if you have been charged with murder, you are facing life in prison or even a death sentence. In both of these cases, the prosecution will make every effort to convict you and see that you are incarcerated for as long as possible. To fight these charges and preserve your freedom, you need the skills of an experienced Yuma criminal defense lawyer.

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A murder conviction in Arizona means that you could be sentenced to life in prison (with or without parole), high fines, restitution to the victim’s family, and even the death penalty. To obtain this severe sentence, the prosecution must prove that you acted with malice aforethought – that is, you planned or plotted to commit the murder. As murder lawyers, we will carefully evaluate the evidence against you and work to show that you either did not commit the crime or that you did not intend to kill the victim or that there were other circumstances beyond your control.

Since manslaughter charges do not include intent, other types of evidence are used to get a conviction. If you acted negligently or engaged in unlawful behavior that led to the death, you could be convicted. But if you killed a person in self-defense or during an auto accident that was truly an accident, you could be cleared of all charges. If convicted, the penalties are almost the same as murder penalties, with the exception of the death penalty. Our firm will work to clear you of these charges whenever possible.

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Your life is in the balance when you face a murder charge or a manslaughter charge. The experienced attorneys at our firm understand this and will give your case the attention and commitment it deserves. With our aggressive approach and solid understanding of the law, we are able to vehemently challenge the evidence of the prosecution. Our approach can lead to reduced charges or even dismissal of the case. We will work to preserve your freedom and your life. You should contact us today.

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